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Hi, I'm Carolyn and I know finding a counsellor to work with isn't easy, especially when you are going through a difficult time.  It can seem as though everything is insurmountable but together we can take a birds eye view of your situation and explore from a fresh vantage point.  I think that you know the best solution for yourself and I enjoy the process of exploring your past to understand how once helpful behaviours have now outlived their usefulness and with awareness can be let go and replaced - leaving you free to live the life you want.

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Counselling offers a contained, confidential 50 minute window in your week.  Knowing you have a space to air how you think and feel, free from judgement and expectation is something people find offers them support and a chance to unburdon themselves of everything they are carrying.  This can contribute to an increased ability to tap into your resourcefulness and energy required to move forwards.    


I offer a down to earth counselling service in a relaxed environment.  I am engaged and interested how you experience things - I see you are so much more than a list of issues and problems and I believe that you can find your own way.  This is why I work in a way that you lead the sessions, bringing whatever it is that you want to talk about on a given day.  I can be responsive because I have trained as a Integrative Therapist, so I can blend appropriate theoretical frameworks to filter key concepts that might be beneficial to help you gain a different angle on how you see things.

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