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My favourite things about being a counsellor

Clients often say that they think about me and how difficult my job must be at times, which has lead me to reflect on why I decided to train as a counsellor and how enriching I find my work.  Here is the 6 main reasons – but I’m sure I’ll always be adding to the list. 

  1. I can be who I am - and that is enough. Some days that can feel more difficult than others, but I hope that by putting my efforts into feeling this way I can encourage clients to feel the same way about themselves, they are welcome to come to sessions and express however they feel, even if they don't like it very much themselves - it will be accepted by me.

  2. I have no ulterior motive - I am there to listen, reflect back and where appropriate introduce supportive tools or concepts. Unlike other times of the day when I might be preoccupied, I am entirely present. I focus on my clients and strive to comprehend how they experience life.

  3. I appreciate the honesty intrinsic to counselling. It's a privilege to be the person someone chooses to express their feelings to without censorship. The moments when a client discovers their true feelings about something they hadn't realised before are particularly rewarding.

  4. Even during intense sessions dealing with difficult subjects, I recognise the positive impact counselling can have on individuals. It's a journey from darkness towards lighter feelings - the way out is through. Being trusted to provide support during someone's most sensitive and vulnerable moments is an honour I never take for granted.

  5. There is always something new to learn. Ongoing research, which continually develops new techniques and methods, inspires me as a lifelong learner.

  6. Every day brings new experiences as a counsellor and I love meeting people and to work alongside them as they process their experiences and build a hopeful future for themselves.

Here's a picture of me waiting in my garden office waiting for my clients to arrive. If you would like to work with me, drop me an email:


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